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Automate Your Forex and CFD Trading

Algorithmic Buy / Sell Scripts with Training to Automate Trading Forex and CFDs

Real Time Forex and CFD Trading:
what you need to know

High frequency algorithmic traders hired by financial institutions analyze Forex/CFD market conditions and execute their trades at lightning speeds. How can the average Forex retail trader even begin to compete? Technical indicators, like MACD, moving averages, Stochastics, require time to analyze...time high frequency algorithmic traders take away.

MyForexScripts "computerized decision making" scripts provide high speed algorithmic analytic signals to Forex retail traders. These are the same trading signals manually analyzed using Forex charts with technical indicators. Computerized algorithmic scripts analyze the same technical charts but at blazing speeds...speeds a retail trader can only imagine.

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How It Works

Our automated algorithmic scripts search for buy and sell opportunities for Cryptocurrency trading real time, day and night.

Purchase Computerized Forex Scripts

Purchase our scripts for automating your Forex/CFD trades

Select Forex/CFD symbols to Monitor

Select the Forex and CFD symbols you want to monitor real time, day and night

Watch For Live Buy/Sell Order Signals

Watch as our computerized decisions signal buy and sell orders for you

Automated Forex and CFD Algorithms:
Real Time Trading, Round the Clock

Why Trade With Automation

Forex/CFD Automated Trading: "Computerized Decision Making", high-speed computer algorithms detecting consistent Buys and Sells regardless of where in the world you live

"Emotion-Free" Trading

"Emotions" tend to impact trading. Fear or greed affect profitability/loss. Automation makes computerized decisions, no emotion

Trading 24 Hours a Day

Automated scripts signal 24/5, executing without need for food, sleep, or going to work

Trading with Discipline

Algorithmic scripts are computer programs searching for consistent Buys and Sells, not driven by guesswork or "Hunches"

Multiple Currency Pairs

Automation can monitor multiple Forex pairs and CFDs simultaneously, not just limited by "Favorites" previously analyzed

Sophisticated, Complex Strategies

Algorithmic strategies can be more sophisticated, tracking multiple technical indicators/profit targets at lightening speeds

Trader Location Does Not Matter

Regardless of where you live in the world, what time zone, automated script trading is available for you

Our Services

Our automated scripts can be used for all major or cross rate Forex currency pairs and CFDs, from EURO and Pound to Gold and Oil, regardless of time frame being monitored: daily, hourly, even down to the minute (Click a chart to see a larger version)

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399 gpb

  • Buy Entry Signal Scripts
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999 gpb

  • Buy Entry Signal Scripts
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  • Stop Loss Positions and Targets
  • Weekly Podcast on Trading Techniques
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Having spent a lot of money doing Forex courses, I still struggle to trade consistently. These automated scripts help me spot entries for buying or shorting. They seem to do the technical analysis for me.

David, UK

I purchased thse scripts not knowing if they would really work for me. I am used to watching only a couple of Forex pairs. But with these scripts I can actually watch many pairs at the same time because I only need to watch for the Buy or Sell signal.

Barbara, USA

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